How Enterprise Battery Intelligence Accelerates BMS Development

If you’re designing a BMS or building a BMS into your product, then advanced data analytics – delivered through an Enterprise Battery Intelligence (EBI) solution like Voltaiq – will help ensure that your BMS delivers the best possible customer experience.

BMS development first requires extensive testing of the battery to thoroughly characterize its behavior across the full range of expected application scenarios, generating large volumes of charge-discharge data to be analyzed. Historically, this data processing and analysis work has been performed manually by teams of engineers – but the large volumes of data acquired have presented such a challenge to analyze that BMS developers have been known to limit the amount of testing they’d perform, to keep it manageable.

By using EBI software to automate away the drudgery of manual data processing, BMS engineers can instead focus on the high-value tasks around developing and validating battery control algorithms. Post-sale, EBI capabilities can drive additional value by helping aggregate data from across your entire customer fleet, and performing analysis of high-resolution data sent via the BMS. In this capacity, the BMS enhances the customer experience across the full product lifecycle.

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The Voltaiq Advantage

Improve BMS development

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! Process data faster to accelerate and improve BMS design & product battery performance.

Aggregate post-sale customer data

Send battery usage and performance data to Voltaiq in the cloud to better understand user behavior & optimize customer experience.

Enhance performance & safety

Monitor your product in situ to detect safety issues & anticipate necessary maintenance.

Voltaiq Benefits


Reduction in battery development testing time.


Acceleration of key battery analysis tasks.


Automation of battery data management workflows.

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