The Added Value Of Cutting-Edge EV Battery Intelligence Software

Every electric vehicle launch is a billion-dollar bet on the battery. However, batteries are complicated, and producing high-quality EV batteries requires expertise in processing mountains of data. Automotive OEMs need industry leading EV battery intelligence software in order to avoid falling behind.

Using our Enterprise Battery Intelligence™ (EBI) software platform, Voltaiq is helping to drive innovation for electric vehicle OEMs. EBI helps accelerate time-to-market, protect launch timelines, mitigate or prevent safety incidents and recalls, and optimize EV warranties and leases. Our solution covers the whole battery life cycle, from design, development, manufacture, testing, and data gathering after the sale.

The EBI platform embeds superior battery expertise into advanced data analytics to give comprehensive and accurate insights to your engineers. This deep battery knowledge provides your company an advantage and confidence that will outperform the competition. If you’re interested to learn how investing in an advanced EV battery technology solution like EBI means better product launches, higher customer satisfaction, and faster ROI on battery investments, get in touch today.

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The Voltaiq Advantage

Ensure on-time launch

Having access to extensive battery data ensures that there will be no unexpected incidents as a product launch approaches. All concerns will be identified and resolved as soon as possible.

Avoiding financial loss

Inadequate battery data processing can lead to costly recalls and the deployment of uncompetitive vehicles. It will also increase the likelihood of receiving a large number of warranty claims.

Increasing resale value

EBI enables a real-time, data-driven assessment of EV battery health throughout the vehicle’s lifetime, assuring maximum resale value.

Voltaiq Benefits


Reduction in battery development testing time.


Acceleration of key battery analysis tasks.


Automation of battery data management workflows.

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