Gain a Competitive Edge with Enterprise Battery Intelligence

Savvy leaders should be looking to get ahead of their competition, and refine every element of their battery strategy. Yet developing high-quality battery products requires a deep understanding of battery behavior in real-world application settings. This insight is time-consuming and complex to acquire.

Here at Voltaiq, we are empowering businesses to achieve this goal through the application of Enterprise Battery Intelligence (EBI). Our platform helps our users design, develop, manufacture, operate, and finance the next generation of battery-powered products by unlocking insights hidden in mountains of battery data, so that engineering teams can improve products faster, and finance teams can maximize ROI.

We work with leading consumer electronics and transportation OEMs, as well as materials and cell suppliers, to drive battery excellence across the full product lifecycle and increase lifetime product value. If you’re interested to learn how investing in an advanced battery analytics solution like EBI means better product launches, higher customer satisfaction, and faster ROI on battery investments, get in touch today.

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The Voltaiq Advantage

Acquire the Data You Need

Surface battery issues sooner. Gain valuable insight into how usage affects performance.

Increase ROI

Decrease product cost, price products and warranties accurately, support resale value, create higher margins.

Reduce Risk

Battery recalls affect even the most advanced companies—a single incident can cost billions of dollars.

Voltaiq Benefits


Reduction in battery development testing time.


Acceleration of key battery analysis tasks.


Automation of battery data management workflows.

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