We have entered the era of ‘electrify everything’. Batteries are the foundation for this massive shift to an electrified global economy. Today, it is not uncommon for battery suppliers to use manual, ad hoc methodologies to manage and analyze their battery data in order to meet performance and reliability goals. With product warranty liability ultimately flowing up to battery suppliers, the ramifications of relying on these archaic methods are potentially catastrophic.

Voltaiq provides the only software solution that tailors the power of big data analytics to the specific needs of battery manufacturers.

Learn How We're Enabling the Electrification of the Battery Supply Chain Industry

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Voltaiq can help you:


Speed Up Processes

Accelerate testing of new materials, chemistries and manufacturing processes


Examine Data

Analyze data from different test equipment, facilities and factories around the globe


Minimize Production
Ramp Time

Perform pre-production tuning (commissioning) to minimize production ramp time


Quarantine Time

Accelerate root cause analysis to minimize quarantine time in volume production


Enhance Binning

Improve cell binning


Automate Reporting

Automate quality reporting to end customers, eliminating manual data collection and formatting

Our Customers Are Industry Leaders


Since our founding in 2012, Voltaiq has provided world-class, battery-specific analytics solutions to the entire battery ecosystem. Our cloud-based Enterprise Battery Intelligence™ platform enables organizations to optimize the impact of batteries on every part of their business by marshaling data from across the full enterprise and product lifecycle.


Video: Technology showcase featuring Voltaiq

At this Greentech Media showcase event, Voltaiq CEO and co-founder Tal Sholklapper Ph.D. provides a quick overview of our Battery Intelligence software platform that enables Top 5 automakers, grid storage providers, Fortune 10 electronics companies and battery OEMs to have seamless data access and analytics across the entire battery lifecycle that enriches battery development, manufacturing, and operations.

Dr. Sholklapper discusses how Voltaiq software delivers unmatched supplier transparency, optimized battery commissioning and sizing, and improved visibility into the the impact of real-world usage on battery life and maintenance, ultimately enabling companies to bring batteries and battery-enabled products to market more quickly and efficiently, and with higher quality and reliability.