Battery-powered consumer electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT) have fundamentally changed product development for the consumer market. Product lifecycles are measured in months instead of years. Form factors continue to shrink to accommodate highly compact, portable products, leaving small and oddly shaped spaces for the battery. Validation of battery performance, quality and reliability is essential because one battery mishap in this age of social media can be devastating to a product line or entire company.

Voltaiq streamlines the traditional battery development process by automating the entire data management flow, providing powerful battery-centric analytics to identify even the most hard-to-find actionable insights, and ensuring that only high-quality products enter the supply chain, protecting your brand.

Learn How We're Enabling the Electrification of the Consumer Products Industry

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Voltaiq can help you:


Qualify Vendors Quickly

Streamline vendor management, qualifying multiple suppliers in a centralized platform


Monitor Battery Performance

Determine battery degradation rates, battery SOH, and performance to warranty


Speed Up Development

Accelerate all aspects of development aimed at meeting specific design requirements


Reduce Test Cycles

Decrease battery test cycle times, by identifying test issues as soon as they occur


Spot Issues

Identify manufacturing issues with real-time, rules-based analytics


Recognize Trends

Understand in-use trends that impact warranty claims

Our Customers Are Industry Leaders


Nest Labs was founded in 2010, with the goal of creating products that allow homes to take care of the people inside them. Nest began with smart thermostats, and since the company was acquired by Google in 2014, their product family has grown to include a suite of devices that create a truly connected home – from smart locks and doorbells to security systems, speakers, routers and more.


Learn How Voltaiq Enables Companies to Transform Their Battery Performance into a Competitive Advantage

Voltaiq, Inc. has developed the first and only Battery Intelligence software platform. We arm companies developing batteries and battery-powered products with real-time insights derived from your entire body of battery performance data across systems, lifecycle, and technologies. Voltaiq helps you ship products faster and ensure quality and reliability in the field, transforming your battery performance into a competitive advantage.