Voltaiq and AWS Partner to Cut Battery Manufacturing Costs and Accelerate Production

  • Voltaiq Team
  • June 27, 2024
Voltaiq battery quality analytics, powered by the robust cloud capabilities of AWS, solves the challenges costing battery manufacturers billions of dollars during gigafactory ramp-up.

Berkeley, CA USA—June 4, 2024—Voltaiq, the leading battery quality analytics solution partners with AWS to speed up battery cell production, cut down on waste, and ensure on-time product launches.

The Voltaiq solution is now available on the AWS marketplace and will be co-sold with AWS’s global salesforce.

The partnership brings Voltaiq’s technology and deep industry knowledge to a wider audience, empowering AWS customers in the battery industry to accelerate ramp-up and dramatically reduce scrap rates.

This offering is especially beneficial for gigafactories, where Voltaiq’s solution can reduce the time it takes to reach profitability by months, if not years.

Through this partnership, Voltaiq offers industry-leading battery quality analytics software and engineering consulting services – all powered by the robust cloud capabilities of AWS.

“By combining Voltaiq’s deep industry knowledge and leading battery quality analytics software with AWS’s cloud capabilities, we’re addressing the immediate challenges costing battery manufacturers billions of dollars during ramp-up.” 
-Hari Gobalakrishna, Head of Strategy, Sustainability & Electrification, AWS

Voltaiq also helps customers achieve on-time product launches and minimize post-sale quality issues by streamlining battery quality and validation testing — the most delay-prone stage of new product introduction.

This announcement follows Voltaiq’s successful completion of the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR). This achievement demonstrates our commitment to industry best practices in cloud security, reliability, and performance, as outlined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

“As the global standard bearers of the battery manufacturing sector move to embrace the power of the cloud, we’re thrilled to partner with AWS to provide the secure solutions needed to accelerate battery factory scale up.”
-Tal Sholklapper, CEO and Co-Founder, Voltaiq

About Voltaiq
Voltaiq helps battery manufacturers identify issues faster, decreasing scrap rate and reducing manufacturing ramp-up time.

With Voltaiq, battery engineers are alerted to problems within the first hours of formation to find and fix upstream issues fast. Customers can understand the full extent of an issue in just a few clicks without any manual data collection or processing and identify which upstream processes and materials led to the defects. Engineers can quickly generate reports and dashboards to share findings for faster resolution without having to manually gather and structure data. These capabilities also accelerate pre-launch quality and validation testing, ensuring on-time product introductions and minimizing post-sale quality issues.

Voltaiq boasts the largest installed base in the battery industry with the most third-party integrations and partnerships for seamless system integration. The de facto standard in battery quality analytics, Voltaiq proudly offers dedicated consulting services and hands-on customer support.

Voltaiq is trusted by industry leaders including Freyr, Amazon, Mercedes-Benz, Albemarle, and Lyten.

Press and media contact
Please contact Jessica Stonish, Voltaiq Senior Director of Marketing, jessica.stonish@voltaiq.com.

  • Voltaiq Team
  • June 27, 2024