Voltaiq’s Nicole Schauser Named to Automotive News All-Stars

  • Voltaiq Team
  • January 25, 2023

Berkeley, CA, January 25, 2023 – Voltaiq, the leading provider of Enterprise Battery IntelligenceTM (EBI) analytics software to optimize battery performance, reliability and financing, is pleased to announce Dr. Nicole Schauser, Battery Data Scientist at Voltaiq, was named to Automotive News All-Stars.

“We’re proud to see Nicole be recognized by Automotive News for her immense contributions to Voltaiq and the battery industry,” stated Tal Sholklapper, Voltaiq’s CEO and Co-founder. “She has been instrumental in leading our open battery data science initiative and helping launch Voltaiq Community, bringing open source examples of the latest machine learning models to the battery industry.”

The prevailing theme among previous all stars was how they managed the dual shock of the COVID-19 pandemic and global microchip shortage that severely hampered vehicle production and constricted the flow of inventory. The industry continues to face production challenges and inventory shortages, but the 2022 Automotive News All-Stars proved that they could thrive, delivering products and services to their customers, introducing innovations that are key to the future of mobility, and making other significant contributions to the industry.

About Voltaiq

Voltaiq is the industry leader in advanced battery analytics solutions for the full battery ecosystem, including transportation, consumer electronics, grid storage, medical devices, and battery materials and manufacturing. Fortune 100 companies, major universities and leading-edge battery innovators trust the Voltaiq Enterprise Battery Intelligence (EBI) platform to provide a comprehensive and transparent view of battery performance across the product lifecycle. The company’s real-time analytics platform provides actionable insights that measurably accelerate time to market, optimize performance, ensure high-quality battery supply, and mitigate product risk. For more information, please visit www.voltaiq.com

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  • Voltaiq Team
  • January 25, 2023