Enterprise Battery Intelligence is Key to Your Company’s Future

As the global electrification trend builds momentum, organizations are investing billions of dollars in the facilities, teams and infrastructure needed to gain a deeper understanding of their batteries, and how batteries impact their business.

Voltaiq’s Enterprise Battery Intelligence™ Platform unlocks the power buried within the mountains of battery data collected from multiple sources — enabling enterprises to more effectively design, develop, manufacture and operate the next generation of battery-powered products. Whether it’s consumer electronics, transportation, grid-scale energy storage or medical devices—Voltaiq provides the single source of truth for the Enterprise Battery Intelligence™ needed to safely achieve your electrification goals while maximizing ROI on battery investments.

Voltaiq is used to drive innovation and battery excellence by global leaders spanning consumer electronics and transportation OEMs and materials and cell suppliers.

The Voltaiq Enterprise Battery Intelligence Platform

Automatic Data Collection

Your organization’s battery data is automatically collected and stored in a secure centralized location

Harmonization & KPI Extraction

Data from disparate sources is ‘harmonized’ to a common format and key battery time-series and per-cycle KPIs are extracted

Fast Search

Search across device serial numbers, battery properties and test conditions to find data instantly

Rapid, Self-Serve Analysis

Quickly analyze and visualize your data with interactive, broad-based comparisons and detailed deep dives

Global Collaboration

Easily share datasets, graphs, analysis, and reports with colleagues, partners, and customers

Transform Workflows

Move from stage-gate processes and reactive analysis, to agile, proactive workflows that enable accelerated, real-time learning

The Voltaiq Effect

The Voltaiq Advantage

Protect Investment

Protect your battery investment and the future of your electrification goals

With the growing trend toward electrification, organizations are investing billions of dollars in the facilities, teams, infrastructure and time needed to gain a deeper understanding of their battery data across the entire lifecycle of the battery. Voltaiq’s Enterprise Battery Intelligence™ Platform unlocks the power within the mountains of battery data collected from multiple sources–enabling organizations to design, develop, manufacture and safely operate the next generation of battery-powered products.

Creating Connections

Connecting Silos

Voltaiq is the only enterprise software platform which brings cross-functional teams and battery data together—connecting historically siloed information across your organization to enable an integrated electrification strategy. This allows you to truly transform your battery data into an asset to accelerate electrification innovation and minimize risk.

Product Dashboards

Comprehensive, holistic understanding of your batteries

At the core of a successful battery program is data. This data can be cumbersome and difficult to maintain and manage. Moreover, data is only valuable when you have the right tool in place to digest, automate and streamline the extraction of insights. Voltaiq is the only purpose-built Enterprise Battery Intelligence™ software platform which ensures performance, predictability and reliability for every battery-powered system. In addition, Voltaiq keeps your battery development programs on schedule by automating 90% of the tasks required for battery analysis and providing up to 1000x faster access to the insights needed to make key engineering decisions.

Your Battery Program, Your Business, Your Data

At Voltaiq, the security and integrity of your data are of utmost importance to us. Our success is fundamentally linked to our ability to provide a secure product environment for your battery data across the entire product lifecycle. We take this responsibility seriously and are committed to ensuring complete data security and privacy for every Voltaiq customer.

Use your data safely and securely with Voltaiq

Data governance and flexibility are not mutually exclusive goals. From data management to authorization and authentication, Voltaiq delivers a production-proven solution that provides the necessary governance to confidently ensure data quality and security in full accordance with corporate standards.

Within this secure environment, Voltaiq provides users with maximum flexibility and ease-of-use to leverage the full power of their battery data to innovate and create their best battery, battery-enabled design, or battery-powered business model.

Voltaiq Security Highlights

  • Your battery data is always under your control
  • You have full administrative control over data visibility and access
  • Your data is encrypted at rest and in-flight
  • Your data back-ups are also encrypted
  • Authorized users can access voltaiq via any modern browser over secure HTTPS
  • Your data is never visible or accessible to Voltaiq without your express permission

Voltaiq-supported security policies and regulations include:

  • GDPR
  • ITAR
  • SOC2 Type II
  • SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Two factor authentication

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