Catch battery defects months sooner.

Complete your test program faster with battery quality alerting, full visibility, greater equipment utilization, and a shorter path to insights. Qualify and validate faster, launch sooner.

Trusted in test labs at leading battery manufacturers and OEMs

Test program hiccups can lead to launch delays and battery recalls that cost billions in lost revenue and brand damage.

Scheduling, tracking, and completing large battery test programs is a major logistical challenge, with spreadsheets and paper logs still commonplace.
Testing is the longest and most delay-prone part of the battery product launch process, wasting dozens of hours per week on manual data analysis.
Problems often aren’t uncovered until it’s too late to avoid a launch delay or weeks of scrap. Missed quality issues mean returns and recalls.

Voltaiq catches battery quality issues sooner, streamlines test lab operations and prevents costly launch delays and recalls.

Test Lab Dashboard

Get full visibility to test lab operations in one place.

Automate your test program scheduling and tracking to maximize equipment utilization and see what is being tested, on what equipment, when.

Find quality issues faster and keep your test program on track.

Alerts keep you in the know, telling you immediately if a battery has a quality issue, a test ends early or encounters any problem condition — eliminating surprises and keeping you on schedule.

Understand what drives your battery’s quality and performance in just a few clicks.

Easily configure and share visualizations that break down battery performance and quality by supplier, build conditions, test conditions, and more, without any tedious data collection or processing.
Shareable Dashboards & Reports

Easily communicate the issue for faster resolution.

Quickly generate reports and dashboards to share your findings with colleagues, suppliers, partners, customers, and other stakeholders, without any manual data collection or analysis.

“Voltaiq was an easy decision after building up in-house data transformation and analytics infrastructure for our fuel cell programs. With Voltaiq, we run a modern distributed battery program at a 70% lower cost relative to legacy solutions. Most importantly my team can focus on battery engineering instead of data wrangling.”

TIm McGuire

Sr. Manager of Battery Technology, Mercedes-Benz Research
& Development North America

How Voltaiq Works

Automated Data Input

Voltaiq collects raw data from your end-of-line, quality labs, process equipment, and materials tracking equipment and harmonizes it into a common language.

Feature, KPI, and

Insight Extraction

Voltaiq analyzes the harmonized data to extract advanced electrochemical metrics for each battery that are indicative of battery quality (e.g. internal resistance, dQ/dV peaks, etc.).


Voltaiq tracks every material, setting, and condition related to producing each battery, and stores it as a unique digital record (i.e. what material went into each specific battery, which process lines did it go through, who was operating the machine, etc.).

Shareable Dashboards & Actionable Insights

Voltaiq offers multiple pathways for analysis. In-app visualization tools make it easy to find and share insights, while the integrated data science environment and platform APIs enable advanced processing, analysis and integrations.

Partner with Our Team of Battery Experts

​​Consider us an extension of your team. We provide extra consulting support as you develop your programs and remediate quality issues, and consistent support when running at steady state. Our dedicated team of industry veterans provides customized on-site setup and training, process optimization, analysis, and more.

Supporting teams across the battery production and development process.

Pilot Lines

Dial in materials and tolerances sooner, reach process milestones quicker, scale faster

Gigafactory Ramp Up

Accelerate yield ramp, slash costly and hazardous scrap waste, fast-track profitability

Gigafactory Optimization

Maximize yield, minimize scrap, find and resolve problems faster, optimize cell quality, increase profits

Quality and Validation Labs

Increase operational efficiency, accelerate quality issue identification and link back to upstream materials and processes.