The battery industry must dramatically accelerate both technology development and production in order to meet rising global demand in the transportation and grid energy storage sectors.

Legacy development processes rooted in the hypothesize-test-analyze-iterate cycle will be too slow to meet required timelines for this transformational technology — industry players must modernize in order to survive and win. Fortunately, a new class of enterprise computing platforms have emerged that are already helping companies across the battery ecosystem to accelerate technology development and scale-up, namely Materials Informatics and Enterprise Battery Intelligence (EBI).

Watch this on-demand webinar with Citrine Informatics, whose leading materials informatics platform leverages machine learning, materials science expertise, and experimental results to help battery companies optimize battery formulations and processes for performance, cost, materials supply availability, and manufacturability.

An integration with Voltaiq’s Enterprise Battery Intelligence platform provides customers with a fully automated, digitized, closed-loop system to rapidly identify and evaluate promising formulations and process adjustments, ultimately slashing development time and cost.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What Materials Informatics is, and how it is helping battery companies today 
  • How the combination of Materials Informatics and Enterprise Battery Intelligence offers customers the best of both machine learning and empirical data analysis 
  • How these systems work together, through a brief demonstration
  • Tips for preparing your organization to leverage these cutting-edge technologies to accelerate battery development and scale-up

Dr. Jacob Mohin, Citrine Informatics
Dr. Kevin Wood, Voltaiq
Dr. Eli Leland, Voltaiq (Moderator)


Watch This Educational Webinar On-Demand:

Voltaiq can help you:


Simplify Management

Streamline vendor management, qualifying multiple suppliers in a centralized platform


Monitor Battery Performance

Determine battery degradation rates, battery SOH, and performance to warranty


Speed up Development

Accelerate all aspects of development aimed at meeting specific design requirements


Reduce Test Cycles

Decrease battery test cycle times, by identifying test issues as soon as they occur


Spot Issues

Identify manufacturing issues with real-time, rules-based analytics


Recognize Trends

Understand in-use trends that impact warranty claims

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