The Battery Index is a broad and ever-expanding database of real battery performance, composition, and high-fidelity models, generated using the industry’s most robust test and modeling standards. It provides valuable input for cell selection by specific use case, enables supply chain diversity for vendor selection and procurement, and generates supplemental data for in-house qualification and modeling.

On January 24, 2022 Dr. Jan Richter, CEO and Co-Founder at Batemo and Dr. Christianna Lininger, Director of Battery Science and Engineering at Voltaiq, discussed:

  • Comparative analysis of cells in recently released products including consumer electronics, EVs, and power tools
  • Demonstration of large scale analysis across the benchmarking database
  • Demonstration of leveraging models and experimental data together

At the conclusion of the engagement, Jan and Christianna provided a demo of the Battery Index, showcasing over 100 cells currently available in the library, including the new Tesla 4680!

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Voltaiq can help you:


Simplify Management

Streamline vendor management, qualifying multiple suppliers in a centralized platform


Monitor Battery Performance

Determine battery degradation rates, battery SOH, and performance to warranty


Speed up Development

Accelerate all aspects of development aimed at meeting specific design requirements


Reduce Test Cycles

Decrease battery test cycle times, by identifying test issues as soon as they occur


Spot Issues

Identify manufacturing issues with real-time, rules-based analytics


Recognize Trends

Understand in-use trends that impact warranty claims

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