The Voltaiq Customer Success team is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the maximum possible value from our software solutions.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals in electrochemistry, data engineering, education and traditional customer support. We offer a full complement of services to ensure successful integration of your battery data with the Voltaiq platform. Through our structured onboarding and training processes, Voltaiq customers can quickly take full advantage of our software to view and analyze their data and take decisive action.

Customer onboarding

Our deployment team provisions and configures the Voltaiq system to your specifications, and ensures that your battery testers and operational systems are networked and syncing data so you have the most up-to-date information.

Training & support

We offer basic and advanced training programs which can be delivered on-site, at a Voltaiq facility, or remotely via web conferencing. Our customer support team provides rapid, first-line response with escalation management.

Data automation

We love battery data! Our data team is highly skilled at importing historical battery data and creating real-time data feeds for any standard test equipment. We also import user-defined metadata to ensure all relevant information is available for analysis.

Analytics & reports

Our professional services team can develop powerful, custom analyses and reports tailored to your specifications. We also create automated workflows that help simplify many tasks to put your insights front and center.