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The Build vs. Buy Decision: Calculating the Real ROI of Enterprise Battery Intelligence™

The global battery market is growing and competition is intensifying. It’s crucial for industry players to work with the right software to innovate and optimize their operations. When it comes to battery intelligence and battery analytics, should you build or buy? Here are some considerations:

  • Build. You create a fully-tailored industry-specific solution. It is both a time- and resource-intensive approach with a high risk of failure.
  • Buy. You enjoy fast deployment, accelerated time to value, and minimal risk. However, it may not have the bespoke capabilities your organization needs.

It’s a tough choice to make. Our guide, The Build vs. Buy Decision: Calculating the Real ROI of Enterprise Battery Intelligence™ provides enterprises the expert guidance and industry knowledge that will enable them to ask the right questions – and ultimately help them make the right decision.


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Voltaiq can help you:

Simplify Management

Streamline vendor management, qualifying multiple suppliers in a centralized platform

Monitor Battery Performance

Determine battery degradation rates, battery SOH, and performance to warranty

Speed Up Development

Accelerate all aspects of development aimed at meeting specific design requirements

Reduce Test Cycles

Decrease battery test cycle times, by identifying test issues as soon as they occur

Spot Issues

Identify manufacturing issues with real-time, rules-based analytics

Recognize Trends

Understand in-use trends that impact warranty claims

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Generate Revenue & Maintain Operational Efficiency 

Launch Products On Time

Test and optimize your batteries as efficiently as possible, ensuring you never miss a product launch.

Prevent Fires & Recalls

Protect your company and brand from expensive, reputation-damaging incidents.

Optimize Warranties & Leases

Get the insights you need to confidently streamline warranty reserves and accurately project residual value.


Having a centralized hub for data is critical as battery projects
become more complicated. Voltaiq helps us better visualize our
battery data and enables us to build safer and more dependable devices.

Denys Zhuo

Senior Battery Systems Engineer at Lab126

Voltaiq Benefits


increase in speed of HPPC analysis


time savings per engineer, with stitching advanced analytic


the data in a fraction of the time

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