We don't make batteries: We help you make batteries that work better, last longer, and function reliably in the field.

How Voltaiq works


Automatically process data from any battery cycler or external data source


Data is instantly homogenized and centralized in Voltaiq


Quickly find, visualize and analyze data with interactive analysis and automated reports

Peer into our crystal ball

Voltaiq, Inc. provides battery intelligence through advanced data visualization and analytics tools for companies that manufacture or use batteries. Voltaiq’s platform tracks batteries from early R&D through their lifetime in the field in order to increase productivity, drive innovation, and improve performance and reliability. The data from these tools can help users deliver batteries to market faster, create more efficient products, and harness the power of data to predict failures and reduce risk for manufacturers and users.

Voltaiq’s SaaS informatics platform provides battery intelligence via a fully-encrypted, secure private cloud. Its cutting-edge software provides a single collection point for battery data offering instant access anywhere, all on one easy-to-use platform. With Voltaiq at their fingertips, our customers boost efficiency and cut costs, all while improving product performance and reliability.

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Voltaiq: Transform your battery into a competitive advantage


Data files are automatically synchronized to our secure servers and processed to extract valuable per-cycle statistics.

Data is accessible to plot, compare, and analyze interactively in your web browser. Customizable views make analysis quick and easy.

Collaborate with colleagues using Voltaiq's unified data platform. Data from all your facilities is accessible anywhere.

Connect using 256-bit TLS/SSL encryption. Compatible with ITAR-compliant applications. Can be configured for intranet-only access.

Tags, comments, and production data can be assigned to individual cells or batches. Easily track cells with advanced search functionality.

Receive in-app, text message, or email alerts whenever a critical event occurs.

Choose the add-on modules that fit your workflow

Voltaiq Analytics

Develop analyses using Python scientific computing libraries. Build advanced custom processing, or run large-scale statistical studies across all of your data.

Voltaiq Notebook

Capture metadata around device materials, processing, test conditions, teardown, and observations. Incorporate Notebook data into advanced data analysis.

Voltaiq Reports

Design and schedule regular reports, including automated device end-of-life reports, or a weekly scheduled overview of your testing operation.


Supported Test Hardware

  • Arbin
  • Maccor
  • Digatron / Firing Circuits
  • Neware / MTI
  • Bitrode
  • AeroVironment
  • PEC
  • Bio-Logic
  • Landt
  • BaSyTec
  • Scienlab
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