Our Customers Include:

  • Battery OEMs
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Grid-scale Energy Storage

Safe, secure, and reliable

Battery performance can make or break a product. Issues with lifetime, performance and reliability drive dissatisfaction, while battery failures in the field can have serious and even dire consequences for end-users. This makes battery intelligence — including the ability to accurately monitor and predict battery failure — critical for developers and users alike.  

Whether it’s storing the energy New York City needs to shine brightly through a storm or ensuring that the systems our military and law enforcement rely on are ready when they're needed, boosting the latest consumer gadget ahead of the competition or paving the way for affordable electric vehicles of the future, battery intelligence is key.

We help our customers create cost and production efficiencies throughout all stages of a battery’s development. We help you commit fewer resources and expend less capital on production; we provide the insight needed to make smart decisions in R&D, procurement and in-field monitoring; and we ensure quality, reliability and perhaps most importantly, predictability of the end product creating considerably less risk with a product that’s risky by nature.

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Voltaiq’s platform works with all types of batteries and can be utilized by any battery OEM. We are also highly attuned to the needs of battery application developers working on electric vehicles, distributed and utility energy storage systems, and consumer electronics products.


icon_battery.pngBattery Development

Build your battery intelligence with Voltaiq during testing and evaluation of new battery systems. Learn faster, with unprecedented real-time access to all current and historical test results in a single platform. Gain deep insight with dozens of advanced statistics available for every data point and every cycle, and cutting-edge analysis techniques. Iterate rapidly and with confidence, dramatically accelerating development cycles.

icon_vendor.png Vendor Selection

Our industry-leading algorithms provide unprecedented intelligence into performance and reliability. Compare battery vendor performance quickly and accurately, spot quality issues early, and choose with confidence to ensure you deliver a successful and reliable product.

icon_warranty.png Warranties and Operation

Reduce safety and reliability concerns and improve performance guarantees with greater intelligence around system performance over time. Voltaiq real-time monitoring and industry-leading algorithms provide better awareness of battery behavior, helping you to predict performance in the field, reduce overall risk, and mitigate warranty concerns.

I have important tests running. Do I have to stop my tests?

The Voltaiq platform runs alongside existing systems and can be installed for new customers in just a matter of days without any disruption to ongoing operations.

Does Voltaiq work for my chemistry or system?

The Voltaiq platform works with all types of batteries and can be utilized by any battery OEM. However, we are also higly attuned to the needs of battery application developers working on electric vehicles, distributed and utility energy storage systems, and consumer electronic products among others.

Can Voltaiq analyze my data? Automate my report?

Yes, Voltaiq was designed with flexibility in mind. Voltaiq Core can analyze virtually any battery (or capacitor), additional modules can provide custom analytics and automated report generation.

Is Voltaiq secure?

Security is a key tenet of Voltaiq. We use industry best practices to keep our customer data secure and deploy secure private cloud servers for each of our customers, with layers of data encryption at upload, on the server, and at point-of-use. Customers can access their data using any web browser on any computer or mobile device.

How long before I see a return on investment?

Our customers see an immediate increase in efficiency and productivity through the rapid and comprehensive analysis that Voltaiq delivers. Legacy analysis that previously took hours or days are typically returned in minutes or seconds using Voltaiq.

Does Voltaiq provide customer assistance?

Yes, we have a dedicated team focused on customer success including PhD experts in the field to guide customers every step of the way. We are reachable by phone, email and in-app for rapid assistance.