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Voltaiq is a Battery Intelligence company with a solution that automates the ingestion, harmonization, and analysis of data produced for the battery industry.

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How it Works

Automatic Data Collection

Your organization’s battery data is automatically collected and stored in a secure centralized location

Harmonization & KPI Extraction

Data from disparate sources is harmonized to a common format and key battery time-series and per-cycle KPIs are extracted

Fast Search

Search across device serial numbers, battery properties and test conditions to find
data instantly

Rapid, Self-Serve Analysis

Quickly analyze and visualize your data with interactive, broad-based comparisons and detailed deep dives

Global Collaboration

Easily share datasets, graphs, analysis, and reports with colleagues, partners, and customers

Transformed Workflows

Move from stage-gate processes and reactive analysis, to agile, proactive workflows that enable accelerated, real-time learning

Voltaiq in Action

Voltaiq customer Tushar Swamy Ph.D. walks us through how he uses Voltaiq as a vital part of EVTOL battery development.