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Developing, manufacturing, and operating high-quality battery-powered products requires a deep understanding of battery behavior in real-world application settings. To do this well, your organization must marshal mountains of data spanning the test lab, production line, and units operating in the field. The Voltaiq Platform is the first and only enterprise-class solution purpose-built to ingest data from across the battery product lifecycle and automatically surface key insights that optimize performance, quality, and time-to-launch. This is Enterprise Battery Intelligence™.

Industry leaders rely on Voltaiq: from consumer electronics, to transportation, grid-scale energy storage, medical devices, to the battery cells themselves. Voltaiq offers a unified, enterprise analytics platform that maximizes your substantial investments in facilities, teams, and equipment, to streamline and accelerate your battery program across any application or lifecycle stage.

“Soon everything we touch will be powered by batteries…electrification will infiltrate our lives the same way computing has.”

Ralph Szygenda
Voltaiq Advisory Board Member and Former CIO General Motors, Bell Atlantic, Texas Instruments

Got Batteries?

Get Voltaiq.

Today most companies trying to understand their batteries rely on spreadsheets or homegrown systems to perform vital data analysis — a recipe for potentially catastrophic consequences. When Voltaiq is woven into the DNA of your organization, the dark corners of these datasets, and the inner workings of your battery, are brought to light. Voltaiq enables you to nimbly navigate the complexities of producing and operating battery-powered products; reduce risk, foresee otherwise unforeseen battery issues, launch new products faster, avoid costly recalls and stay ahead of your competition.

Product Roadmap

Protect Product Roadmap

Surface battery issues sooner. Gain valuable insight into how usage affects performance.

Increase ROI

Increase ROI

Decrease product cost, price products and warranties accurately, support resale value, create higher margins.

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Battery recalls affect even the most advanced companies—a single incident can cost billions of dollars.

Infuse EBI into your company’s DNA

To lead in the ‘electrify everything’ revolution, you must ingrain a deep understanding of batteries into the very DNA of your organization. Batteries can add tremendous value—or incur serious costs—across every function: brand image, customer satisfaction, warranties, finance, manufacturing, product development and management. Voltaiq Enterprise Battery Intelligence embeds world-class battery expertise into every fiber of your organization, bringing EBI into your company’s DNA.

Resale, Second-Life and Recycling

Provide full-lifecycle traceability to provide accurate battery State-of-Health and system residual value.

Acceptance & Commissioning

Ensure that high quality batteries are going into your application and are assembled or commissioned correctly.

Product Pricing and Warranty Reserves

Understand how to accurately price and determine liabilities of your battery-powered products based on a holistic assessment of all data from test to operations.


Ensure quality builds while accelerating production ramp and increasing yield.


Continuously assess the state of health to determine residual value, preventative maintenance and fleet optimization.

Quality, Safety and Brand Trust

With over 160,000 battery related EV recalls in Q4 2020 alone, it’s essential to understand points of failure long before they happen to ensure customer loyalty.

Product Engineering

Qualify suppliers, identify issues and enable next-generation system design and algorithms.

Research & Development

Get the right materials sourced, tested and qualified for your product.

Batteries are Complicated

Batteries aren’t merely unique in the sense that no two are alike. They’re distinct from moment to moment. Their performance is influenced by their surroundings. They react to stress and pressure. They can be finicky, even volatile. Energy pulses mere millimeters beneath a deceptively calm exterior, the product of a continuous stream of chemical reactions.
If they sound biological, well, they nearly are.

Like humans, every battery is an assembly of interdependent, massively complex systems. Optimizing their health and safety, tapping their full potential, and extending their lifespans requires nothing short of the equivalent of modern medicine.

And that’s what Voltaiq has built. Our Battery Intelligence platform is a fully automated data analytics platform that systematically gathers and mines troves of battery data for insights. We provide a window into real-time battery function and a detailed vision of future performance and behavior.

How a Lithium Battery works

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Voltaiq Enables Electrification

Companies around the world are using Voltaiq to leverage their battery data to deliver value across the entire organization.

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Consumer Electronics


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