The first battery-analytics software platform that ensures performance, predictability and reliability for every battery-powered system

Faster Time-to-Data

Free your engineers from the tedium of being data managers. Our proven ETL platform (Extract-Transform-Load) seamlessly collects, cleans and correlates all your battery data, freeing up your time to do more in-depth data analytics.

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Battery-Focused Analytics

Our powerful and easy-to-use software solutions transform your engineers into superheroes, empowering them to quickly identify and solve any battery challenge they encounter during development, manufacturing, or field operations.

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End-To-End Solution

Voltaiq software provides big data analytics that supports the entire battery lifecycle, from R&D, to manufacturing, to integration into a final product, to utilization by the customer. All battery data is readily available and can be analyzed by any engineer during any phase of battery development

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Leverage the untapped value in your battery data

Voltaiq’s solutions span the entire battery lifecycle from development, to manufacturing, to integration, and extends into field usage.The Voltaiq solution also supports the management of batteries into a “second life” (e.g. from an electric vehicle to energy storage) or environmentally responsible recycling.

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Advanced Battery Analytics to Ensure the Best Battery Solution. Anywhere. Everywhere. Every Time.

Battery OEM

Utilize big data analytics to optimize battery materials and processes, accelerate testing, and improve yield.


Maximize battery range and reliability for every vehicle configuration, realize full traceability for every battery system

Energy Storage

Improve battery commissioning, deploy predictive analytics to identify failures before they occur, and maximize system uptime.

Consumer Electronics

Monitor and ensure battery supplier quality, manage your battery supply chain, and minimize warranty returns.

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