Those driving the electric future must understand and optimize their batteries.

Battery Intelligence software from Voltaiq gives real-time assessments of battery function, future performance, and product risk.

Voltaiq pioneered
Battery Intelligence

Founded in 2012, Voltaiq brings world-class data analytics to battery-powered businesses, helping them to:

  • Bring products to market faster
  • Ensure high-quality battery supply
  • Accelerate manufacturing ramp-up
  • Minimize battery product risk
  • Optimize systems in the field
  • Maximize financial performance

Our Customers Are Industry Leaders

Accelerate Time-To-Market

Qualify suppliers and characterize battery performance faster than ever, protecting product launch timelines.

Prevent Fires & Recalls

Identify battery problems early, protecting your company and brand from costly and reputation-damaging incidents.

Optimize Warranties & Leases

Use data-driven assessments of battery health to project residual value and warranty reserves with confidence.

Our Platform

A full-lifecycle, end-to-end, cloud-based analytics platform that delivers business value by aggregating and analyzing battery data from every available source.

Voltaiq Benefits


Reduction in battery development testing time.


Acceleration of key battery analysis tasks.


Automation of battery data management workflows.


Voltaiq Enables Electrification

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Energy Storage

Electric Vehicles

Every electric vehicle launch is a billion-dollar bet on the battery. Voltaiq helps accelerate time-to-market, protect launch timelines, mitigate or prevent safety incidents and recalls, and optimize EV warranties and leases.

Battery Manufacturers

To stay competitive in a rapidly-expanding global market, today’s battery manufacturers must modernize and optimize. Voltaiq accelerates production ramp, maximizes quality, and provides full-lifecycle traceability.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

With product release and refresh cycles measured in months, not years, the battery is often the component that takes the longest to qualify. Voltaiq helps identify battery issues early on to protect launch timelines, and ensures your battery will last through the warranty.

Consumer Electronics

Medical Devices

Faced with significant regulations, rising costs of an aging population and complex testing and approval processes, medical device companies are turning to Voltaiq to intelligently harness disparate sources of battery data to ensure product safety and reliability.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Energy storage owners and operators need real-time, data-driven insights into battery health and system performance. Voltaiq helps these organizations to design, commission, and operate systems that meet demanding requirements and operate reliably for years.

Infuse EBI into your company’s DNA

To lead in the ‘electrify everything’ revolution, you must ingrain a deep understanding of batteries into the very DNA of your organization.

Battery intelligence accelerates new product development, growth of future business, capture of trillions in market value, while battery ignorance leads to recalls, fires and business uncertainty.

Voltaiq’s Enterprise Battery Intelligence platform embeds world-class battery expertise into every fiber of your organization, bringing EBI into your company’s DNA.