Voltaiq helps companies developing and operating batteries and battery-powered products by providing key insight into battery performance using a SaaS informatics platform that tracks and analyzes device behavior throughout the product lifecycle.

Voltaiq is an enterprise SaaS predictive analytics platform that helps

companies developing batteries and battery-powered systems to ship

products faster and ensure quality and reliability in the field. Voltaiq

aggregates battery performance data throughout the product life

cycle, from product development through manufacturing and

operation, providing powerful analysis to optimize performance

and predict lifetime and failure in battery applications.

Voltaiq: Transform your battery into a competitve advantage

Unlock Hidden Insight

Real-time interactive visualization and analysis of every battery in the lab or in the field, accessible instantly in any web browser.

Increase Productivity

Save up to 20 hours per week, per engineer by automating repetitive data management tasks. Reduce analysis time from hours to seconds.

Accelarate time to market

Ship products faster using fewer resources. Streamlined analysis workflows focus your work and shorten development cycles.

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  • “Voltaiq has dramatically accelerated our screening and development process. I don’t know what we would have done without Voltaiq.”

    Alex Teran, PhD
    Chief Battery Engineer
    Blue Current
  • "Voltaiq makes my life easier — I can access my results right away and compare data in new ways without endless cutting and pasting."

    Joshua Gallaway, PhD
    Senior Research Associate
    CUNY Energy Institute

Developing batteries and battery-powered products is a Big Data problem

Testing Generates Large Volume Of Data

Hundreds or thousands of simultaneous tests produce far too much data to process manually.

Existing Software Tools

Bundled software tools are slow and outdated. Spreadsheets require too cumbersome data manipulation.

Managing BIg Data Slows Down Your Business

Wasting time and resources on clerical data management tasks impedes development and lengthens time to market.

Voltaiq is the analysis platform this industry has been waiting for