Enabling a world of clean, reliable, and sustainable battery-powered systems

Voltaiq was founded in 2012 in Brooklyn, NY by Tal Sholklapper and Eli Leland, driven by their mutual desire to tackle the numerous battery development challenges encountered by Tal and Eli while leading two ARPA-E energy storage research projects at the CUNY Energy Institute in New York City.

Battery engineers are routinely confronted with massive amounts of data generated by their internal labs, suppliers, and partners, and their teams typically lack both the IT infrastructure and the number of engineers needed to properly manage and analyze the data volumes they face. In addition, these battery teams are under enormous time pressure to make design decisions that will have significant technical and financial impacts on the products they are bringing to market.

The mission of Voltaiq is to empower the transportation, energy storage, and consumer electronics market segments with a unique, powerful, and easy-to-use analytics platform that enables companies who are developing, manufacturing, or operating these batteries and battery-powered systems to consistently deliver products in their desired market window with industry-leading performance and reliability.

The Voltaiq solution is installed and in use at transportation OEMs, global consumer electronics companies, battery manufacturers and energy storage developers and operators.

“Batteries really are like living organisms. You’ve got billions of particles packed together in electrode sheets. The layers keep getting thinner, and everyone is trying to pack in more energy, making systems more and more difficult to predict. Very small variations, whether it’s nano-structural defects or contaminants, are going to have enormous, often counterintuitive effects. And it’s even worse when you’re thinking about behavior over a lifespan. The way that batteries are operated, and even stored, can determine the way that batteries behave down the road. That’s why they need to be tested for so long under so many different conditions.”

Eli Leland
Co-Founder and CTO, Voltaiq

Our history

The company was founded in 2012 in Brooklyn, NY. The company’s initial headquarters were located at the Urban Future Lab. There, as part of the ACRE incubator, the company developed its initial business plan to create an analytics platform to accelerate large-scale development and adoption of lithium-ion batteries. Voltaiq received its initial funding in 2013 from the US Department of Energy as part of their SBIR program (Small Business Innovation Research) with additional funding provided by the National Science Foundation.

An angel round of funding led by Bee Partners of San Francisco was raised in 2015, and in 2016 Voltaiq successfully closed multiple customers including a major battery OEM, a Fortune 500 company and a global consumer electronics company.

Fast forward to 2018 when Voltaiq closed an oversubscribed Series A round for $6.6M, which was led by Anzu Partners and included SJF Ventures, UL Ventures and original angel investor Bee Partners. Their customer portfolio has continued to grow and now includes major automakers in Detroit and Germany, and four of the five largest global high-tech companies.

Our values

Voltaiq believes that batteries are the key platform technology enabling the sustainable energy revolution. As hybrid and electric vehicles rapidly transition from being government-mandated ‘compliance’ vehicles to mainstream transportation, and as wind and solar power have become bankable assets that continue to see broader deployment worldwide, companies are realizing that in order to meet the growing demand for electrified products their battery supply chains, and battery expertise will need to expand significantly over the next decade.

These dramatic shifts from traditional power sources and the internal combustion engine to clean battery power have highlighted the need for more efficient and effective battery development processes to meet the demands of greater energy density, higher reliability and significantly greater variation in form factors. Similarly, companies across a range of sectors are finding that batteries can have significant impacts on company finances or operations and are seeking to better understand how batteries can help to drive positive business outcomes (or avoid negative ones).

There is a significant gap in the number of battery engineers needed worldwide, a predicament expected to persist for the foreseeable future. Coupled with the tremendous growth in battery data being generated across lifecycle stages and business functions, engineering teams are being forced to deal with IT issues (data collection and storage) that interfere with their efforts to find actionable insights and make the informed decisions that balance product cost, performance, and reliability.

Our goal is to transform your battery experts into superheroes, providing them with powerful data discovery capabilities to quickly find the data that is relevant to the task at hand, and then delivering the battery-centric analytic tools that enable them perform predictive analytics, identifying problems before they actually occur. Our data management, discovery and analytics capabilities can significantly scale the resources of every battery design team from small startups to Fortune 500 companies, enabling them to bring products to market on time, on budget, and with optimal performance and reliability.

Learn more about our company values — including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Voltaiq.