What is Battery Intelligence?

The Voltaiq Battery Intelligence™ software platform dramatically accelerates battery innovation and drives measurable return on investment (ROI) by providing development teams with comprehensive, interactive, battery-specific analytics, real-time data access, and true enterprise-class data storage and management.

Maximize Battery Performance and Reliability

Voltaiq software virtually eliminates the time it takes to prepare battery data for analysis, accelerating the analysis process and corresponding actionable insights for any given question during the battery lifecycle.

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Automated your data streaming.

Voltaiq software frees engineers from wasting time performing tedious and error-prone data management so they can focus on analytics that accelerate R&D, increase product performance, or improve reliability.

Start Analytics sooner

Voltaiq software collects and cleans battery data in near real-time, making that data available to engineers within minutes instead of hours or days, significantly accelerating development time or problem resolution.

Battery-centric analytics

Voltaiq solutions were designed by battery developers and specifically tuned to the needs of the battery industry, with built-in capabilities such as HPPC and pass/fail rules to quickly identify and resolve issues that impact development, manufacturing, or field operations.

Automated <br/>reporting

Voltaiq software automates data compilation and reporting, simplifying the process of documenting test or operational results. Reports can be scheduled to be emailed to an engineer, the design team or management on a scheduled or event-driven basis.

Leverage the untapped value in your battery data.

Voltaiq solutions span the entire battery lifecycle from development, to manufacturing, to integration, and extends into field usage. Our platform also supports the management of batteries into a “second life” (e.g. from an electric vehicle to energy storage) or environmentally responsible recycling.

Leverage the untapped value in your battery data

How Voltaiq works

  1. Software automatically collects battery performance data and metadata from every stage in the lifecycle

    Voltaiq software collects data from any battery tester located anywhere in the world. Over a dozen of the world’s largest battery tester companies are supported by Voltaiq today.

  2. Battery data is instantly harmonized and secured

    Our software platform ensures that your battery data is quickly and securely streamed to a centralized location, either on-premise or in the cloud, where it is cleaned, correlated, and made available for immediate analysis.

  3. Users select data to compare

    Our solution has a powerful and intuitive interface where engineers can quickly find and select any data set they want to analyze.

  4. Quickly analyze and visualize your data

    Using our battery-centric analytics UI, engineers are able to quickly analyze test data to identify issues that impact performance, production yield and reliability. Users can also create and monitor rules that alert when KPI targets are missed, reducing wasted test time and speeding time to better results.

  5. Generate reports

    One of the most time-consuming tasks for engineers is to create reports for internal or external review meetings. Voltaiq software supports the automatic generation of reports on a scheduled or event-driven basis.

Collect, analyze and act on your battery data. Quickly and effortlessly.

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