The global market for lithium-ion batteries is anticipated to reach $180 billion by 2030. For OEMs and consumer electronic manufacturers, this is an exciting and potentially lucrative trajectory.

However, producing lithium-ion batteries is not simple. Without excellent tools and processes, manufacturers risk making errors that can lead to major financial losses, brand damage, expensive lawsuits, and costly product recalls.

In this actionable guide, we explore the challenges that entrants into the battery production business may encounter, and offer some guidance for establishing a robust competitive edge. Download to learn about:

    • The current state of battery manufacturing
    • Major challenges in ramping up a battery factory
    • Key factors to achieving profitability sooner
    • The impact of Enterprise Battery Intelligence

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Voltaiq can help you:


Simplify Management

Streamline vendor management, qualifying multiple suppliers in a centralized platform


Monitor Battery Performance

Determine battery degradation rates, battery SOH, and performance to warranty


Speed up Development

Accelerate all aspects of development aimed at meeting specific design requirements


Reduce Test Cycles

Decrease battery test cycle times, by identifying test issues as soon as they occur


Spot Issues

Identify manufacturing issues with real-time, rules-based analytics


Recognize Trends

Understand in-use trends that impact warranty claims

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