Battery Leaders Voltaiq, Batemo and Energy Assurance Release First Independent Battery Index

  • Voltaiq
  • January 10, 2022

First independent Battery Index provides the ‘missing link’ for manufacturers of battery-powered products from consumer electronics to EVs

Makers of battery powered products can now rapidly select batteries to meet their application requirements and get products to market faster, with improved performance and reliability as well as reduced liability and safety risks.

BERKELEY, Calif., Jan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Voltaiq, Batemo and Energy Assurance, have released a comprehensive battery benchmarking index that provides data-backed insights into cell performance needed to evaluate and select the optimal batteries in aviation, aerospace, electric vehicle, industrial, medical, power tools, and stationary. As the battery industry rapidly expands, device makers are struggling to rapidly qualify new chemistries and cell suppliers in order to maintain a competitive performance advantage.”Evaluation and selection processes that used to take several months can now be done in a matter of days,” said Tal Sholklapper, Voltaiq CEO and co-founder. “The Battery Index provides information and insights not previously available to product engineers. This is the first comprehensive source of data-based assessment of how well and safely a battery will perform.”

This commercial Battery Index includes incoming and aging test data, teardowns and models – the key components needed to qualify new suppliers or benchmark against the competition. The database will be delivered through Voltaiq’s Enterprise Battery Intelligence (“EBI”) software platform as a standalone independent service.

The Battery Index is made possible through partnerships of three leading companies in the battery field: battery analytics leader Voltaiq, Batemo, the industry’s most comprehensive cell modeling experts, and Energy Assurance, the industry’s largest independent third-party cell test lab with over 3,000 test channels.

“Given the rapid pace of new battery development, device makers are struggling to quickly develop accurate cell models and to reliably quantify battery cell performance and composition,” said Jan Richter, Batemo CEO and co-founder. “We’re excited to bring the industry’s most accurate cell data and models to market as part of The Battery Index to help OEMs quickly integrate the best batteries into their products.”

Use cases include:

  • Benchmarking for comparative analysis;
  • Procurement and vendor selection as supply chains diversify;
  • Model input for controls, system, operations and warranty development; and
  • Supplement for in-house qualification and modeling

Added Cindy Millsaps, CEO of Energy Assurance, “We’ve seen a need for this service from the full gamut of battery-powered use cases from IoT devices and AR/VR to EVs and next generation eVTOL.”

The Battery Index offers a repeatable process capable of meeting the industry’s most robust test and modeling standards, in a broad and diversified cell database coupled with industry leading battery analytics, enabling customer organizations to remain agile with regards to battery sourcing as the industry undergoes rapid change driven by electric vehicle adoption.

About Voltaiq

Voltaiq is the industry leader in advanced battery analytics solutions for the full battery ecosystem, including transportation, consumer electronics, grid storage, medical devices, and battery materials and manufacturing. Fortune 100 companies, major universities and leading-edge battery innovators trust the Voltaiq Enterprise Battery Intelligence (EBI) platform to provide a comprehensive and transparent view of battery performance across the product lifecycle. The company’s real-time analytics platform provides actionable insights that measurably accelerate time to market, optimize performance, ensure high-quality battery supply, and mitigate product risk. For more information, please visit www.voltaiq.com

About Batemo

Batemo was founded in March 2017 by Dr.-Ing. Michael Schönleber and Dr.-Ing. Jan Richter in Karlsruhe, Germany. The company offers various solutions for the development of battery systems, such as high-precision battery modeling and simulation, comprehensive measurement data and detailed cell reports. Batemo serves customers in power tools, light mobility, automotive, aviation, industrial and cell manufacturing. For more information, please visit www.batemo.com.

About Energy Assurance

Energy Assurance, LLC is a provider of cell and pack battery testing for performance, safety/regulatory, and failure analysis as well as engineering services for the battery industry. The company focuses on all sizes of high-performance lithium-ion cells and batteries up to 150V and 2400A, enabling it to service all industries where batteries are used for portable power and now electric/hybrid automotive and energy storage systems. To learn more about Energy Assurance, including its testing services, certifications, and accreditations, please visit www.energy-assurance.com.

Zach Peterson

  • Voltaiq
  • January 10, 2022